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Great routine!

I totally love this bodycare routine! This makes my skin feel so hydrated and calming. The scent is also super gentle and subtle, which doesn't make me feel nauseous. I use Cotton Clear Pad as a toner after shower. I'm a huge fan of this set!

Super awsome working products

ou guys, I've struggled with chestne since I was a teen. I'm 26 now and still having issues. I've tried being mindful of my conditioner running down my chest after showing along with trying panoxyl. None of it worked and I just figured I was going to be like this the rest of my life. I saw this get highly recommended and thought why the heck not. After showering, I spray this on my chest and back. Let it dry, then moisturize. My chestne has decreased by 90% in the last 2 months and I'm so happy!

Best for back and body acne.

Huge huge improvement after 2nd use. I use it after shower daily on my back. one week later and all the acne on my back is GONE. I keep using it to prevent future acne since i am quite active (work out at the gym and outdoor walks) and I no longer have acne on my back. I stopped using it for 2-3 weeks and kept doing my activities and started getting back acne due to sweat and sun. restarted using it and again all acne is gone. This is the perfect product for back acne.

Failed to get product information.
1. Wipe dry and scaly skin of your body with Cicamanu Cotton Clear Pad.
2. Mist Cicamanu pH Balanced Body Mist
onto irritated, dry skin and gently pat until fully absorbed.