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Smells great and is refreshing on the skin!

My skin is acne prone, and on the oily side. I found this has helped to keep my pores small, and keep my oiliness at bay. The smell is really refreshing and cooling after cleansing and taking off makeup from a long day!

I've noticed my skin looked brighter, pores and blemishes smaller, and skin less red. I love how the ingredients are all good for your skin! It's like taking cica on the outside. My skin texture has improved slightly with using just this and I cant wait to try more things from Parnell!

So soothing!

Love these pads! They feel like a cold drink of water for my dry acne prone skin. I didn’t know I needed these until now; now I can’t go without them! It did help improving my redness and acne prone skin!

It’s a nice quick exfoliating pad, I use it a couple times a week. It came with some plastic tweezers so I can use that to take out individual pads.

Helped acne a lot

Of course not one product will help you with acne, but this products contains Cica and Manuka honey which soothes inflammatory and red skin.
✔️It’s a Bio-exfoliating helps skin to exfoliate gently
✔ Removes sebum to help skin absorb nutrients
✔ Pads are made of unbleached cotton, so it is very gentle on the skin.

I think I was amazed by this product from the first application itself, my redness was reduced so much the next day.
 The pad is extremely gentle to work with, sometiems I let it sit for 10 mins like a sheet mask or just wipe the entire skin when I am in a rush
There was no burning, stinging or any sort of irritation on my active acne😌
Extremely suitable for acne prone skin, sensitive skin,oily to combination skin type like me.

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