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Ike Lueilwitz
10/10 for glowy skin

why no one is mentioning the glow right after applying? It's very hydrating AND leaving this glowy/glass skin. I'm just amazed that how is this not sticky at all but still hydrating and leaving the healthy glow? Hundred percent recommended!

Jess Roberts
Excellent for combi skin/textured skin

I have combi (oily but dry at the same time) but this melatonin serum works great! Not only helping out with the milia/bumps but hydrating and feelin plumped!!

Sharing my experience cause this worked wonders on me

I had a list of issues with my skin; intense dry patches, small bumps, scarring that just would not go away.
I tried many paths, products and treatments to improve my skin and comfort and unfortunately nothing seemed to help.

After about 2 months of continuous use of this 92 serum my skin started to slowly change.
I will say that in addition to all of this I dont believe the drastic and intense changes in my skin are massive and I dont believe they wouldve been possible without this brand.

PHOTOS above are before I used parnell serum and after consistent months of use.

Its taken me time and research to find which products are most beneficial to me! ??
Cica+Manuka honey and melatonin helped a lot and worked wonders on my skin.
Theres so much helpful info and videos from dermatologists on this brand and how to use these products, also suggestions on which will be best.

I've never received so many compliments on my skin.

However, everyones skin is different.
Just keep that in mind <3

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