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Best Body mist to help reliefs back acne 🙌🏻 calms and refresh so good .

It works amazing 🤩 I love it 🙌🏻I been using it for a Week and I can see the results 🙌🏻

Worked for me

It's my first time trying this brand out, and this set actually has worked for my body acne! The body wash lathers so softly and smells so good. I use body mist right after shower before my skin feels tightness. I'll be using this set for now.

A staple in my skin care

Not irritating at all!! Love it and would absolutely recommend to anyone. Perfect for all skin types!!! 10/10 recommend

so refreshing and soothing

love it, wonderful for my red sensitive skin whenever my skin feels irritated I spray this and feel soothed and refreshed.

Hyperpigmentation Holy Grail

I love this body wash, it smells great and it lathers great. Helps with hyperpigmentation.

Amazing kit that works!

My body skin has never been better and in 2 weeks the bumpiness and some breakouts has calmed so much. Give it a try you will not regret it.

best thing ever for redness

I would give this ten stars if I could! I am always super red especially after my skin care and when I use these I see little to no redness! By the morning time it was a world of difference!!

Can not live without this!

WELL worth it.My third time of this product.Amazing serum doesnt dry my skin but felt it helped cure my acneCalmed my skin down. It doesnt feel sticky or heavy on the skin.

Can not live without this!

I bought another before I even used up the first oneIn 5 days my acne was almost entirely healed after I started using this. I recommend this for reducing redness from rosacea.I am shook to the core. Ill continue using it.

Cicamanu 92 Serum
Iliana Kapetaniou
My favorite serum!

🌿 Parnell Cicamanu 92 serum: This lightweight, viscuous serum is an intensive soothing care serum to improve dull skin for clear complexion by soothing and replenishing your skin with hydration. It delivers comfortable, immedate hydration overnight. Contains 72% patented Cicamanu™ Biome ingredients with 729,707ppm Centella Asiatica Extract to moisturize and calm skin. It also formulated with Melatonin, Ceramide, Manuka honey and Phytosphingosine to help maintain skin at a balanced and healthy state.
💭 My thoughts: Can we all agree that the packaging and the texture are stunning? Even though I have oily skin, I still get redness mainly on my cheeks and this serum really helps to calm it down. It absorbs very quickly, doesn't clog my pores and moisturizes my skin well. I love that it contains manuka honey because not only it is a good anti-inflammatory ingredient, but it's one of my favorite ingredients too! Highly recommend giving this product a try

Best body mist ever!

☘Cicamanu pH balanced Body Mist: Fine hydrating calming body mist that instanly soothes your skin texture and helps strengthening your skin barrier. Formulated with LHA, Parnell's proprietary Cicamanu Biome Complex balances and improves sensitive skin and repairs skin. It also contains 93% patented Cicamanu™ Biome ingredients with Centella Asiatica Extract and Manuka Honey Extract sourced from New Zealand to deeply moisturize and calm skin.
|How to use| Spray on skin from a 15-20cm distance after shower.
💭 My thoughts: This is my first ever body spray and I am so excited to have it in my body care routine! It has such a fine mist that hydrates my skin deeply. Not only it soothes my skin, but takes care of my body acne too! It comes in a 150ml bottle so it is going to last long! I am very happy with this product and I would definetly recommend giving it a try!


Very nice. Help with cleansing of the face and makes my skin feel soft and smooth without breaking out.

saved my skin

this serum has helped my skin immensely. i have sensitive skin and this is the only product that hasn’t broken me out and has actually got rid of my acne scars. i will forever be a fan!!

This is Truly A Must Have

At Home Spa Essential❤️ This product is AMAZING!! I love how it gives my skin a nice glow after using and my skin is soo soft!! I also love the subtle scent!

Such a great set

After following this set routine, my skin got so much smoother and more hydrated. I can see more glow on my face the next morning. Totally recommend this set

Cicamanu Gel Cream
Annika Stalder
Redness gone

Love it. My redness gone within a week. I tried a lot of products but only this one worked. I wish it was bigger tho! But still worth the money!

Surprised at how good this!

Love this! Initially bought it just because I needed a toner in spray form so I dont need to use cotton pads. But I am so surprised at how good this is. I spray it on my face and then before it dries I use my moisturizer. I use retinol which sometimes dries me out but this stuff keeps my face hydrated and literally calm, no more redness around my nose and mouth. I also noticed I have been breaking out wayy less. will def repurchase.

Works great

worked well for me without drying skin too much. My skin tone is even in the AM after using at night 2-3x a week.

Game changer for me!

I've had constant redness and bumps on my cheeks (mild irritation) and this toner is a MIRACLE WORKER! I love pairing this with gel cream in this line. It's so soothing and hydrating.

Pretty awsome

My skin feels a lot softer, and it smells amazing and leaves me feeling so clean. I have noticed my skin still gets small breakouts, but not nearly as large or painful as they used to be. Ive been using the combo of the cleanser, toner, and lotion, and the mask a couple days a week

Decreased Oil Production

This has been really great on my skin the past few weeks. I have noticed a difference in my skins texture as well as how oily I am throughout the day. I am able to use these in the morning and it truly helps my skin all day long. It’s an easy one step product that doesn’t leave behind any greasy residue. Overall I have enjoyed and highly recommend!

Dry Skin Approved!!

As a girly with dry skin, I’ve been looking for a gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip my skin and leave it feeling tight after I wash. This was my first time trying and I’ve been loving it for weeks. It leaves my face feeling genuinely clean without stripping me of my precious moisture!

Sensitive skin must!

My skin has been very sensitive lately and this serum has helped it very much. I have recommended to other ppl as well and they love it. Also this spoid applicator is so hygienic to use for over months.

Body Acne - calmness

Hmm… I never really thought of using a body mist to help with body acne but it does feel nice to prep my skin prior to lotion. I don’t have bacne currently but I do have dry textures during the colder months and this body mist soothes my dry patches and feels like it’s a nice body toner before my body lotion. SMOOTH and hydrated skin is my goal for this year. Catch me with that skin through this year 😉

If you have sensitive skin & acne on the body, I recommend this mist to help — it is unscented, calming, and non irritating on my skin. It has ingredients such as Centella Asiatica, Manuka Honey from New Zealand , and an LHA to gently exfoliated without feeling stripped.

BTW, I do not limit myself to just the back — I am very generous with this mist for my décolletage. It absorbs quite quickly without feeling dry afterwards( to quench dry skin)

Other than that I don’t have any complaints about this product — the spray is nice( not super fine but distributes the product all over the body without aggressively spraying) and I love the green packaging in this product

Glow in a bottle

I am very pleased with this serum as it’s become a favorite in my nighttime routine. It is so gentle on my sensitive skin and super nourishing on my post chemical exfoliated face.

I usually apply this after using a hydrating toner and one dropper of this serum onto my face because it offers the extra hydration I need after exfoliating my face. It sinks right into my skin without leaving it feeling sticky or greasy.

Besides the all star ingredients of Manuka Honey & Centella, it also has melatonin in the serum ( I thought that was very interesting and am I crazy for thinking it’s helping me fall asleep to rejuvenate my skin? 😆)

I have tried this as an extra boost to to my DIY toner masks days — and it feels so relaxing because of the calming scent it provides (BTW not super strong, but slightly detected). Anyway, my skin in the morning looks and feel radiantly soft.

I was struggling so much with my hormonal acne this month but it really helped calmed that down 😭 (I’m’ feeling blessed at the timing of this product landing in my hands)