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Love it!!

I have so many issues with KP and acne and have been searching endlessly for something to help reduce it and reduce my picking. I wouldn’t say that these products have gotten rid of it, but there has been such a huge improvement. Immediate difference in my skin from the body wash and I think the spray also helps with healing broken skin. Have bought the wash multiple times now!

Bye Bye Bacne Set
Sharde Charles
So far so good

Its been a little over a week now and so far I seen a bit of improvement. Will need more time to accurately review. However, so far my dark marks are getting a little lighter. Also, my skin doesnt feel dry/stripped after ghe body wash which is really good.

Bye Bye Bacne Set
Shamachia Wright
I like it so far

I am a diabetic and my back breaks out very badly sometimes. It has almost cleared up my bacne! I order this for my Dad as well.

Great product!

As usual really enjoying this product, helps with my skin a lot! (Written for the $3-off coupon promotion).

Love it! I have acne prone skin and I had back acne for the longest time and this made it go away. One of the best purchases I’ve done

Glow Up Set
Vany Jacobson
Great for the price point

Love the texture, very relaxing

2 weeks and it works!

I found this brand at tiktok cause everyone said it really worked for bumpy skin and redness. Amazed after two weeks of consistent use!! I alternated using them on different days. I use them together at night and just use this 92 serum, moisturizer and sunscreen during the day and OMG! I have never received compliments on my skin until now!

Convenient and effective

Dealing with body acne has been a constant struggle for me and I have tried a lot of products to get clear and healthy skin and this is when I came across this spray. It is very convenient to use as it comes in a spray form. Unlike traditional creams or gels, the spray format makes it easy to apply. I simply take a shower with hot water which opens up the pores and then I hold the spray bottle at a little distance from my body. When I applied it for the first time I saw that, the product evenly covers the area without any mess or hassle. It saves my time and effort especially when I'm in a rush.
I have been using this body acne spray for about four times a week, and the results have been pretty good.

Bye Bye Bacne Set
Diana Barton
So far, so good

Purchased this a few days ago after reading the reviews on this and so far - its going well.

Cicamanu 92 Serum
Kaylin Cassin

This melatonin serum thing is a game-changer for my textured skin! This revolutionary product is enriched with melatonin, working wonders to banish bumps and milia, leaving behind a glazed donut-like glow. I am truly impressed by the transformative effects of this serum, which has brought a remarkable improvement to my complexion. Highly recommended for anyone struggling with textured skin/acne-prone skin; it's a must-try!

great for textured skin!

I never thought I'd find a solution for my textured skin, but this one got my back now! Cant waint to put on base makeup!

thumbs up

my skin has never looked better! ( I had dry skin with small bumps + sensitive skin)

Cicamanu 92 Serum
Cordia Feil
love this one!

I love this product. Gets rid small bumps and skin tags. A must buy!

First useful product

Used a few products and this was the only one to actually show a lot of improvement within 2 weeks and it slowly started clearing out after and was really smooth. The smell is nice too, nothing overbearing.

Glacial Biome Water

love the total refreshment that this mineral rich water gives me my skin normally dry in the summer is always in need of hydration I observe that the softeness of this one the well being that I get from it's beneficial . No fat no perfume easy to carry everywhere in our hsndbag. I love it and sincerely wish you try it.

Apple Vinegar Pore Pad

Although I do not have excess sebum (my skin tends to be dry) I do not have an even complexion I have more visible pores in a few places and small redness but I did not feel tightness, heating. I rather felt a good freshness of appeasement and a beautiful luster of my skin. I also love that the tampons are not lacking in liquid.

I recommend you to try these products especially in this summer period.

Parnell Cicamanu Cotton Clear Pad

loved the refreshing and calming effect. How quiet! Then I notice that my skin is very soft, shiny, it seems to me that the whole face and skin were more uniform, pores smaller or tightened. It's been a few days and my skin looks fresh and healthy. I recommend you to all, you will like the well-being effect, it is also for all skin types, even sensitive.💦 🥰

Cicamanu 92 Serum
Lucinda Flatley
Love it!

My skin feels amazing. I will be buying again! Love to try with their gel cream on next purchase

Cicamanu 92 Serum
Norene Moen
True miracle worker

This is a true miracle worker! Dealing with milia has always been a struggle for me, but this serum has made a significant difference. It effectively targets and diminishes those pesky milia bumps, leaving my skin smoother and clearer than ever before. The lightweight and fast-absorbing formula is one of my fav thing and it has become an essential part of my daily skincare routine!

Cicamanu 92 Serum
Cordelia Boehm

Amazed after two weeks of consistent use!! I alternated using them on different days. I use them together at night and just use this 92 serum, moisturizer and sunscreen during the day and OMG! I have never received compliments on my skin until now!

Cicamanu 92 Serum
Godfrey Wilkinson
smooth texture

My skin has never felt this smooth and clear even after makeup with any other brand!

My strawberry legs are slowly disappearing

Glow Up Set
Jewell Kim
need a set of this serum

They synergize great for my sensitive skin!

Cicamanu 92 Serum
Joshua Dicki
Miracle product

These products are incredible. The effects are instant. My skin has never been smoother or brighter in my life! A little bit goes a long way and its definitely worth the higher price tag. Will be purchasing again in the future

happy to find this out

I was skeptical with all the tiktok reviews, but their products my expectations - my textured skin is significantly improved, and I couldn't be happier :)