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Soothing spray

A magical sparkling spray for your back acne and itchy chest. I love using this product for my back acne I had for years. Highly recommended product.

Soothing and cooling mist for bodycare routine

This is a great step in my body care routine. I use it to add moisture in between my body care layers. I've noticed my skin feeling less dry and tight after spraying. There's no harsh fragrances or scents - mild, refreshing scent. This spray applies very finely and gently. I think this is probably my favorite spray I've ever tried!

Convenient and effective

Dealing with body acne has been a constant struggle for me and I have tried a lot of products to get clear and healthy skin and this is when I came across this spray. It is very convenient to use as it comes in a spray form. Unlike traditional creams or gels, the spray format makes it easy to apply. I simply take a shower with hot water which opens up the pores and then I hold the spray bottle at a little distance from my body. When I applied it for the first time I saw that, the product evenly covers the area without any mess or hassle. It saves my time and effort especially when I'm in a rush.
I have been using this body acne spray for about four times a week, and the results have been pretty good.

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